The No Surrender Paintball Vest

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No Surrender Paintball Gear

No Surrender Camo VestWe are a Texas Corporation specializing in high end protective sportswear and are proud to present to you our "No Surrender" paintball vests.

These vests can withstand high velocity impacts from paintballs at point blank range without leaving a bruise. See our "No Surrender" testimonials and you'll be amazed. The vests have been rated #1 in the nation for protection by Paintball Review.

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"Your new 'No Surrender' is one of the best things to come along for paintballers of all ages."

Try one yourself and you'll feel "Invincible" too.

The No Surrender vest has been tournament tested. Several tournaments will not allow a player to wear a vest but ours has been approved for previous tournament wear, and recently been acknowledged by National Professional Paintball League to be legal to wear during NPPL events.

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Our Paintball Gear in Action

Inventors Digest Magazine tested our No Surrender Vest for their October 2009 issue.

Inventors Digest Magazine Article by Richard Phillips